About us

Working with wood and other natural materials has always been a passion and a statement to me; respecting life and the environment, the same.

When I was a child, handmade wooden toys were attracting me, just like magnets - my eyes, my mind, my soul... Especially the colorful ones, with their own movement... Especially wooden toys from the past...

My love towards wood made me become a carpenter, working professionally on furniture for decades. However, I never forgot my passion to wooden toys. As carpenters learn a lot about wood and how to work with it, it was not difficult for me soon to create a hobby parallel to my profession  - that was: making colorful, moving toys out and other handmade items out of wood.

As time passed, my hobby became my profession, so that today making wooden toys by muself is stronger than making furniture... colorful, natural, environment friendly wooden toys... Wooden toys with their own movement...

I am inviting you to take a look at my little workshop. There you will find wooden toys and other items I am making by hand, but also paintings and drawings.

My handmade toys are basically made of wood, with the addtion of other natural materials like sand, metal, paper, cotton... They are based on old time toys, made lots of years ago, centuries or even milleniums, as electicity was not yet there. These handmade wooden toys are the result of genious ideas of their manufacturers, moving without any electricity, batteries or cables. Some of my wooden toys are just inspired from, some others are real copies of old time toys.

The other handmade items I am making using again wood or other natural, ecological materials. They are several handmade objects in a big variety: useful and decorative, playful and serious.

My paintings and drawings mainly sceneries from the beautiful nature in Greece, but also other places and themes.

Well, if you are looking for a present for yourself or a present for a wedding, birthday or any other occasion, a present which will be unique, rare, special, as well as reasonably priced and for ...every pocket, then be my guest! You are welcome to... wander in my homepage and, if you are closeby, also in my little workshop and shop in Sparta!


Payment methods
About the payment methods, please contact us by email or telephone (s. contact section).